January 1st—National Bloody Mary Day


January 1st—National Bloody Mary Day

They say that only rest, water and electrolyte replacement can cure a hangover, but here at TCO we just don’t believe that!    There’s no discomfort like waking up on a Sunday morning and having a splitting headache and nausea from the night before of heavy drinking and consuming every type of liquor that bar offered.

Here at TCO we believe in a little, or a lot, of “Hair of the Dog”. And by “Hair of the Dog” we mean bottomless Bloody Marys.  For us, and others alike, we believe that the combination of a heavy vegetable base (to settle the stomach), salt (to replenish lost electrolytes) and alcohol (to relieve head and body aches) will have you off and on your way good as new!

If you have visited us for Sunday Brunch, you are probably very aware that we have quite the BOTTOMLESS Bloody Mary display.  We make sure to keep the global theme by offering flavors from all over the world including; Asia, Latin America, Louisiana Heat + the good old Rocky Mountains!

But, how did the Bloody Mary come into its glory?  Where did it originate?  There are a few theories behind who invented the Bloody Mary but the theory that seems the most popular and true comes from Fernand “Pete” Petotit.  Pete bartended in the famous Harry’s Bar in France and then came to America where he was head bartender at the King Cole Bar in the St. Regis Hotel.  Here Pete served presidents and celebrities every day.  On July 18th, 1964 when interviewed by the New Yorker Pete said “I initiated the Bloody Mary of today.  George Jessel said he created it, but it was really nothing but vodka and tomato juice when I took it over.  I cover the bottom of the shaker with four large dashes of salt, two dashes of black pepper, two dashes of cayenne pepper, and a layer of Worcestershire sauce; I then add a dash of lemon juice and some cracked ice, put in two ounces of vodka and two ounces of thick tomato juice, shake, strain, and pour.  We make a hundred to a hundred and fifty Bloody Marys a day here in the King Cole Room and in the other restaurants and the banquet rooms.”

Whether it’s to cure your hangover or just to partake in Sunday Funday TCO has the Bloody Mary Bar of Denver that will not disappoint! 303 Magazine  agrees as well! And it just so happens that January 1st is National Bloody Mary Day which also falls on Sunday…and it’s New Year’s Day, probably one of the biggest hangover days of the year!  We gotcha covered over here at TCO!

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January 1st—National Bloody Mary Day - The Corner Office
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January 1st—National Bloody Mary Day - The Corner Office

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