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Happy Fall From TCO!

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Happy Fall From TCO!

I feel like fall is nature’s way of showing us its best beauty but it also tells us, “hey, this is your last chance to get outside before it starts snowing and your stuck inside for the next five months.”  At TCO we love fall- we love that when the leaves start to change from green to all sorts of fiery reds, oranges and yellow that we are given the reminder to call up our friends and family and get that last camping trip in before the first blanket of snow graces us with its presence.

We decided to ask some of our staff members what their favorite food and drinks are to enjoy be the campfire.  First, we will start with our Executive Chef, Rich Byers.  Rich likes to make a Campfire Grilled Cheese using sliced Swiss cheese, thin sliced pit ham, baguette, butter and beer mustard.  He builds the sandwich then places it in a camping broiler to toast above the flame until the bread is golden brown and crispy and the cheese has melted.  He then lets the sandwich cool a bit and slices it in half to eat with a side of mustard.  While camping, Chef Rich likes to enjoy the smooth richness of a brown ale—any brown ale to be exact.  No discrimination between breweries here.

Executive Sous Chef, Aaron Simpkiss, enjoys making a peach cobbler pie on the campfire.  I told him that this sounded extremely difficult but then he notified me that it is quite easy.  He just throws a can of peaches into a premade pie crust, tops it with another pie crust and then adds brown sugar to the top.  Then he puts it into a campfire broiler to warm it up!  Sounds delicious!  Personally, I enjoy his beverage of choice while sitting around the campfire.  Chef Aaron and his friends purchase a bottle of whiskey, any whiskey really, and pass the bottle around until it’s gone. I like his simplicity.

Now my turn.  I take it back to the basics when it comes to cooking over the campfire.  I really enjoy cooking hotdogs over that smoky open fla,e.  But, I am pretty picky when it comes to the way it is cooked and the condiments.  I want the hotdog….. almost burnt.  You know, the kind of burnt where there are just a few spots of the black charred bits.  Then, I want ketchup (spicy ketchup preferably) and spicy brown mustard, onions, and a side of beans that are simply just poured from the can and warmed over the fire.  Then, my absolute favorite dish to make while camping is…. S’MORES.  Who doesn’t make s’mores while camping?  No one, that’s who.  I really like to just have one s’more though, because it’s a very rich dessert and I feel like if I make it to the second s’more, I only take one bite.   So, I like to toast two marshmallows.  And by toast, I mean torch.  I torch both marshmallows, by literally placing both marshmallows into the open flame and lighting them on fire, allowing them to burn for a few seconds and then blowing the flame out.  I then build the s’more in this order—half graham, mallow, Hershey chocolate (1/3 of bar), mallow, then graham on top.  Having the chocolate in between the two marshmallows allows for the chocolate to melt perfectly. My favorite beverage to enjoy while sitting around the campfire would definitely be wine; red or white out of a red solo cup of course.

So, now that we have told you about our favorite campfire foods and drinks- we want to share with you one of our new fall beverage menu cocktails.  We are bringing the campfire to TCO by making a Smoked Old Fashioned.  We have taken local cedar wood and we are torching it and placing a glass over the torched wood to trap the smoke in the glass.  We then build a classic old fashioned on the side while the smoke is collecting in the glass.  Next, we pour the old fashioned into the glass that has the smoke in it.  This adds the perfect amount of smoke to the nose of the drink.  You will have flashbacks to the last camping trip you took and instantly start planning your next fall camping trip.

We absolutely do not want you to miss out on fall, so if you can’t make it out for a camping trip—make sure to stop by TCO for the Smoked Old Fashioned.






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